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Shopfitting is the business of building and installing, known to our trade as ‘fitting-out’, commercial spaces. This can be fitting out small retail shops and cafes, to large commercial offices, department stores and restaurant fit outs. Along with constructing, and sometimes manufacturing, counters, shelving, display units and the like, NCD Shopfitting also supply the necessary fittings, fixtures and equipment a business needs to be able to function and trade. For example, a hair salon would be provided with fixtures such as mirrors and wash chairs, where refrigerators, freezers, mixers and bain-maries would be arranged by the shopfitter for a café fit out.

Along with building and assembling joinery, and supplying and installing shop fixtures and fittings, NCD Shopfitting also organises our in house trades. From glaziers, plasterers and painters to plumbers, electricians and flooring specialists; we manage them all. That’s why, as a shopfitter, the best advice we can give to our clients is to engage and include us from the early design process. Doing so will relieve you of wasting unnecessary time and resources on managing the project. A good shopfitting company will schedule, coordinate and control all of their trades from conception to completion, allowing you to concentrate on other important aspects.